The Black Diamond has a strong infrastructural and inventory set-up in India that enables us to produce and sustain hygienic of frozen products. We have a state-of-the-art production unit equipped with the latest machinery for Slaughtering, Chilling, blast freezing, facility.

We are well equipped with a range of High Class refrigeration systems as well which also includes Cold storage facilities, Blast freezers, Plate freezers, Pre-chilling rooms, Chilling rooms

 All our meat products are derived from healthy live stock and are procured under the supervision and certification of government veterinarians.

As far as Packaging of the product is concerned we have our own packaging unit where the products are packed in tamper proof packs to retain their freshness and tenderness. All the packaging is done in a safe and hygienic environment.

All the cartons and packages are duly labelled with a refrigeration statement specifying the required temperature of storage and the type of product being handled.

Moreover, all the packaged frozen meat products are marked with the details of expiry date, freezing date etc. All our products are certified by the concerned omniscient authorities for hygiene standards, storage conditions and abattoir conditions.



The Black Diamond