Buffalo meat is sweet and rich in flavour, lower fat than white-meat chicken and some fish, high in iron, and a tender alternative to other conventionally raised meats.

The Black Diamond Farm is a supplier of high quality dairy animals in India, Asia and Middle East. We primarily focus on breeding, buying and selling of good quality Buffaloes. Our farms are located in Haryana and Punjab. The buffaloes that we breed and sell are already adjusted to the climate according to India and Asia. We believe and practice ethical treatment of our animals and take personal care of each and every buffalo. We supply high yielding Murrah buffaloes at very nominal price for customers in the said market.

Our Murrah Buffalo Price is comparatively cheaper than other Buffalo suppliers.

Our Procurement Process

The breeding areas of buffalo are Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat. We have team of dedicated procurement professionals employed in these breeding areas. Our procurement professionals identify the best breed buffalos, check their yield and other health parameters before procuring them. These animals are then transported to our farms in different areas.

We make sure calves do not die during transportation. After the buffaloes arrive at the farm, we take personal care each and every buffalo to stabilize the health and assist the animal to adapt to the climate. We make sure the yield is stable and consistent. Our vetinary doctor vaccinates for known diseases and monitors the buffalos and the calves.

Our Buffalo Sales Process

  • ·         Only the best Buffalos with high yield and good health are made available for sales.
  • ·         We only sell second and third lactation buffaloes.
  • ·         We only sell buffaloes with healthy calves.
  • ·         We advise the buyer to monitor the yield for at least 2 milking before buying the animal.
  • ·         We do not follow any dubious practices to increase the yield.

Why should you buy Buffalo from us?

  • ·         Our farms are in North India and Gujarat, so customers from North India need not go to anywhere else for the healthy breeds of Buffalos.
  • ·         Buffalos in our farm are stabilized for south Indian climate and there are less chances of loss of yield or health issues.
  • ·         We allow you to observe the animal, check the yield and behaviour - only if you are completely satisfied, you may buy the buffalo.

We assure you of our best service and will be happy to answers any questions or concerns.