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MKOP Subscription Card

Don't want anything to come in between you and enjoyment? Want to host an event for your friends or family without every worrying about managing it all by you? Black Diamond Events Pvt Ltd. certainly has a solution for you. With this solution at your disposal, you'll never have to worry about hosting an important event that is so close to your heart and that is all set to become one of the most memorable chapters of your life! Are you tempted to ask what this solution is? MKOP Subscription Card – a one of a kind event subscription that has been designed and developed to make your event happy and memorable for one and all!

An MKOP membership card will make it easy for you and your family to host an event or a party. What are the different events or parties this card can be applied? Whether it is wedding planning or celebrity management, birthday parties and catering or kitty parties, our membership card will be applicable for these events and much more.

MKOP is the acronym for My Kind of Parties. As the name suggests, you get the kind of party organized and managed you always dreamt with this subscription card. This event subscription card is just perfect for the nuclear family that wants to enjoy a lot but doesn't want to spend too much on everything!

Black Diamond Events Pvt Ltd. is the brainchild behind this unique subscription service called MKOP card. Get this card today and have your events of any kind organized without any hassle across leading clubs, 5-star hotels, farm houses, pubs, and much more. This subscription card gives you unlimited dinner, snacks, and IMFL. Wondering how much all this will cost you? Just INR 69 per day and INR 25,000 per year!

MKOP Subscription is also suitable for hosting specially designed events and parties during weekend evenings. The membership card also allows you to enjoy special occasions with customized themes that are a part and parcel of MKOP setup. So, whether it is Diwali or Holi, Baisakhi or Valentine Day, New Year Bash or Rain Dance, the MKOP card will come to your help and how! We also provide laser shows; high power DJs, singers, artists, and much more for your special events and celebrity parties.

Get your MKOP Subscription card today and make your event something to remember forever!

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